Vision & Ministry

All the little red dots in the image above represent the different ethnic groups that have yet to be reached by the gospel.

Jesus told his followers in Matthew 28 to go and make disciples of all nations. He told both of us, on separate occasions and when we were just kids, that we were going to be missionaries when we grew up–that we were to go and make disciples of those who’ve yet to know him. That is what we are passionate about, and not just because it’s what God called us to. When we realized that missions is something that originated in the heart of God, we began to experience the joy of doing it. We go because we truly know the love of the one sending us.

Current Ministry in Chile

Through some of life’s circumstances, God has led us to Pablo’s hometown of Temuco, Chile. We have recently begun serving with Youth With a Mission in this city, so we are in transition. Our ministry in Chile has mostly involved encouraging the local church to get involved with missions, training those with a desire to go and seeking opportunities to make new disciples of Jesus.

We use this blog and our ministry newsletters to keep friends, family and ministry partners up to date on the details of our ministry. Check back often!

Heading to Kosovo

Kosovo is a small country in the Balkan region of Eastern Europe that God has put on our hearts. It is a culturally rich nation, though its history is marked by war. The Kosovars achieved independence recently in 2008. The majority of Kosovars adhere to the muslim religion–a country of about two million people, 93% unreached by the gospel. Our prayer is that by the year 2021 we will be able to take an exploratory trip to Kosovo with the purpose of making ministry contacts, getting to know the culture and praying about how God might use us to make disciples in Kosovo. After this initial trip, we would then likely prepare for a two year stay in Kosovo focussed on language acquisition.

Click here to download an info card and join us in praying for Kosovo.

More than an Echo

Originally, More than an Echo existed only as a ministry idea that has been on Tara’s heart for more than a decade. It was aimed at discipling artists [musicians, dancers, painters, writers, etc]. Why? Because we often hear from these people things like, “I had a bad day, I’m going to dance” or “I’m feeling stressed out, I’m going to paint.” Jesus is an afterthought (if he is a part of their lives at all), their art has become a crutch, and they sometimes compromise their personal integrity for expression’s sake.  We know because we were each one of them at one point in our lives. The goal was to help these individuals to a place of wholeness where they run to Jesus first and are able to properly use their art and their lifestyle to bring him glory: Amplifying God’s truth and refusing to let it fade–choosing to be “more than an echo.”

We still have dreams of realizing this project. For now we are applying the concepts of More than an Echo to our ministry by reaching out to the people of Temuco, Chile (not just artists), helping individuals to a place of wholeness where they run to Jesus first and are able to glorify God through a lifestyle of integrity and mission. Echoes fade and then cease to exist. We want to reflect who Jesus is to the world without fading, and in such a way that people are drawn to know him and do the same.