Area: 4,212 square miles [10,908 square kilometers]

Capital: Prishtina

Population: 1,920,079 [2017 est]

Language: Albanian

Economy: Kosovo is one of the poorest nations in Europe, with more than half its inhabitants living in poverty and an unemployment rate of 70% [http://prayercast.com/kosovo.html]

Monetary Unit: Euro

Religion: Predominantly Muslim

The Kosovar Flag: Fun wikipedia fact–the Kosovar flag was the result of an international design competition that took place shortly after the country declared independence. It is blue with a yellow silhouette of the country displayed beneath six white stars. The stars symbolize Kosovo’s six major ethnic groups–Albanians, Serbians, Turks, Gorani, Romani and Bosniaks.

Country Prayer Points:

  • Kosovo is considered a secular state which means there is freedom of religion. It is not illegal to evangelize in Kosovo, but there are some risks involved. Pray for continued freedom to share the gospel and open hearts to receive it.
  • Because of the history of war against Orthodox Christian Serbians, Kosovars are reluctant to associate with Christians and tend to reject Christianity.
  • Pray for boldness and spiritual growth among the small groups of committed Christians.
  • There is still a lack of peace in Kosovo because of territorial conflicts. Protests, which are sometimes violent, often break out in the capital because of these issues.