Area: 292,135 square miles [756,626 square kilometers]

Capital: Santiago

Population: 17.91 [2016 est]

Language: Spanish 

Economy: Chile has the most stable and developed economy in Latin America, but poverty is still widespread.

Monetary Unit: Chilean peso 

Religion: ≈ 59% Catholic, ≈ 17% Evangelical Christian,  ≈ 19% Agnostic or Atheist , ≈ 4% other religions 

The Chilean Flag: The star represents a guide to progress and honor, blue symbolizes the sky and the Pacific Ocean, white is for the snow-covered Andes , and red stands for the blood spilled to achieve independence

Country Prayer Points:

  • Social changes reflect a more liberal Chile. Divorce, crime, drug abuse, homosexuality and materialism are all increasing in this traditionally conservative nation.
  • The majority of those remaining in the Catholic church have a tendency to treat Catholicism as a traditional identity rather than a deliberate life of faith, especially among the upper class.
  • Among the indigenous in Chile, animistic beliefs and superstitions are often mixed with Christianity.
  • Leadership in the church can be negatively influenced by inadequate training, legalism, and a substitute of personal opinion for solid biblical teaching.
  • A vision for missions is needed in the heart of the Chilean church.
  • Ethnic minorities, both indigenous and immigrant, are sometimes faced with discrimination.
  • 10.7% of Chile is unreached by the gospel.