2018 Photo Recap

Wow! What a year it’s been. 2018 was FULL of ups and downs, transition, growth, so many blessings and a whole lot of God’s faithfulness!

We spent half the year in Minnesota and moved back to Chile in July.

IMG_4204.jpgWe applied to extend Pablo’s tourist visa, and we were so happy to receive this approval notice that allowed us to spend an extra six months in the United States. Pablo’s English improved so much during that time, and we made a lot of memories with friends and family.

IMG_4147 (1)In January, Pablo and I braved the cold to spend an evening at Super Bowl Live in Minneapolis. There were so many fun activities and things to explore. Pablo even tried ice skating for the first time while we were there.

IMG_4212-1.jpgPablo definitely got a taste of our good old Minnesota winters.

IMG_5060Since we were able to stay in the states a little longer, I was able to complete a certification course to teach English overseas. I know this will be something that will open doors for us in the future.

KenadieWe were so excited to be around for the birth of our niece, Kenadie. She had us all wrapped around her little finger pretty quick!

IMG_4349 (2)We enjoyed every chance we got to make memories with friends and family. My nephew, Lincoln, and I had a blast participating in the superhero 5k.

IMG_4386And Pablo learned a little bit about shooting a rifle from our friend Grandpa Terry.

We are so thankful for the time we got to spend in Minnesota, and there are so many memories that don’t have pictures to go along with them!

IMG_4703This is Temuco, Chile, Pablo’s hometown. We made the difficult decision to move here as we felt God leading us to face some family matters and opening the doors for us to do so.

We’re thankful that we’ve been able to begin working with Youth with a Mission here in Temuco. I have been a little bit more involved as Pablo has been working here and there. I’ve had a few opportunities to teach in a some of our training programs, and I preached in a couple different churches as well. The most challenging of all was preparing to teach 1 & 2 Kings in the three month school of biblical studies, but it was so rewarding!

IMG_4791I also enjoyed helping a couple times with our children’s ministry. Here the kids are writing messages and drawing pictures for refugee children in Europe.

46329416_536713100125764_8359082801374429184_nIn November, our friend Deb came to visit. Deb was Pablo’s English teacher when we were in Virginia, and she became a dear friend during that time. It was so fun to have her with us! While she was here, we talked a lot about the possibility of starting an English program here in Chile.

IMG_4784 (1)This is Temuco’s best Taxi driver, though I suppose I might be a little biased. Pablo has been driving taxi to make a little extra money – not only for us but for his family as well. He has been working hard, and still makes time to help out with YWAM activities when he can. You might be surprised to know that Pablo’s English has come in handy a few times. He’s had english speaking tourists get in his taxi and rejoice when they realize their driver speaks english as well.

Thanksgiving is one of the hardest days to be away from Minnesota, but we were surprised by an invitation to have Thanksgiving dinner with an American pastor and his family!

We hope you all enjoyed the Christmas season! Pablo and I made the most of it as we made new memories together. We loved our little Christmas tree! Pablo embraced his creative side when I asked him to make salt dough ornaments with me. We received packages full of treats and notes from home that brought tears to our eyes. The Christmas Eve service at Church was beautiful, and on Christmas day we shared a special meal with some friends and video chatted with my family later on.



It really has been a good year, and as we look toward 2019 we just feel so grateful for the way God has demonstrated his faithfulness to us! We know that this new year will come with its own challenges and new blessings, but no matter what, God’s faithfulness is steadfast.

We wish you a very happy New Year!





P.S. We didn’t get to watch any full games this year, but this pretty much sums up how we felt about this year’s football season.

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