Still in Transition

Pablo and I had kind of a busy week between still trying to adjust to some things in regards to life back in Chile, Pablo working and both of us slowly integrating into the Youth with a Mission ministry here in Temuco. We’re nearing two months back in Chile, and we’re still very much attempting to get our bearings. I’ve had to come to grips with that and extend a little grace to myself and my husband by being okay with the fact that we’re still in transition and we haven’t been able to just hit the ground running since getting back. It’s probably a good thing. We both tend to be a little bit task oriented, and I especially have a habit of taking on more than I should at times. Now if I do, it doesn’t just affect me–it affects us! It’s kind of a steep learning curve for me.

Though it was busy, it was a good week! Here are a couple highlights…

  • Some people from our church here go out on Monday nights to give food and clothing to some of the homeless in the city. We were blessed to be a part of it this week, and Pablo was asked to join the group that organizes it. Hopefully he will be able to.
  • The students from YWAM Temuco’s Discipleship Training School arrived from their outreach in Uruguay and we enjoyed hearing about their experience throughout the week and helping with some of the details for their graduation.

It wasn’t overwhelmingly busy, but by the time Friday arrived, we knew we needed some time for us. When we were just dating and even after getting engaged, we didn’t go out very much. We struggled to find time to do so, but now we make time to date each other. We try to at least. We’ve realized that we’re terrible missionaries if we don’t make our marriage a priority.

We spent all day Saturday together. Pablo knows I love mountains, so he took me to a small town that is surrounded by the Andes, and then we ended up taking a drive up into the mountains. It was an adventure, and it was beautiful. God’s creation is breathtaking! Below are a few pictures from our little venture into the mountains.

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